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Pottery course, Sunday morning #087

"Pottery Fundamentals: From Cylinder to Mastery"

  • מתחיל בתאריך: 8 באוק׳
  • 2,600 שקלים חדשים
  • חובות הלבבות

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Service Description

"Pottery Fundamentals: From Cylinder to Mastery" Course Description: Welcome to a transformative 10-week pottery course at the most enchanting pottery studio in Tel Aviv, led by the esteemed teacher, Mali Matsumoto. This course is designed to guide beginners through the fascinating world of pottery, starting with the basics of throwing on the wheel and gradually progressing to create exquisite rounded objects. By the end of the course, you'll have the skills to craft beautiful ceramics and the confidence to pursue your pottery journey further. Course Schedule: Week 1-2: Introduction to Pottery Start with an overview of pottery, studio safety, and an introduction to clay. Learn the essential techniques for wedging and preparing clay. Week 3-4: Basics of Throwing on the Wheel Begin the journey of wheel throwing by focusing on creating cylinders. Spend time perfecting the art of centering, opening, and pulling clay to achieve even and elegant forms. Week 5-6: Advancing Your Skills Continue to refine your wheel-throwing techniques, working on taller and more intricate forms. Experiment with different vessel shapes, such as bowls and cups. Week 7-8: Exploring Rounded Objects Transition from cylinders to crafting rounded objects like vases, pitchers, and platters. Discover the art of altering forms and adding handles to your creations. Week 9-10: Final Projects and Glazing In the last two weeks, bring all your skills together as you work on your final projects. Learn the art of glazing, including techniques for full dips and partial glazing for various effects. Class Structure: Each session is divided into three segments: half an hour of explanation and demonstration, followed by two hours of hands-on work, and concluding with half an hour for cleaning. Mal will provide in-depth explanations and demonstrate the techniques to be learned during each session. Throughout the course, Mali will guide you in perfecting your pottery skills, emphasizing quality over quantity and attention to detail.

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פרטי איש הקשר

  • Hovot HaLevavot 5, תל אביב-יפו, ישראל


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