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Sometimes we need a home to do everything we dreamed of

Sometimes the home already exists, but the heart is not ready yet

Sometimes the moment ripens - the home is ready and then the doors open:

To all the duties of the hearts.

Hovot Halevavot is first and foremost a space for community.

A place for intimate ceramic courses, delicious chef dinners and eye-opening art exhibitions. It was born out of a deep need for connection between worlds and a re-creation of the past.

It exists in a building that was for decades a family business for refrigeration products in the Shapira neighborhood and waited for the right time and inspiration to come so it could become a home

that draws and is inspired by the community that surrounds it.

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When I first found Hovot Halevavot,

My grandfather's place,

I immediately saw the potential

And the nostalgia embedded in the walls.
Layer upon layer

Of paint claddings

That in time began to crumble

And expose their true skin,

Their core,

It moved me.

I felt like time stood still

And manages to reveal itself.

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Nice to meet you!
I am Sivan Dayan, 
the founder of
Hovot Halevavot.

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At Hovot Halevavot you can taste foods by the hands of wonderful chefs, learn ceramics, get excited about art exhibitions, drink wine in the yard or a cup of coffee on the roof and listen to sounds from around the world.
Here it is possible to come up with a creative idea that exists in you and make it come true.

You can host, create, imagine, experience being together or alone.

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Kitchen and meetings


At the heart of our space is a love surrounding food. Our fully equipped kitchen was created to host private dinners and community meals of all kinds. You can enjoy the culinary creativity of our wonderful chefs or choose to bring your own guest chef. We will take care of inspiration, atmosphere and everything else ...

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Offsites and space rental

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Ceramics studio


In Hovot Halevavot there is a ceramics studio that is lit by the sun and spreads a good and inspiring atmosphere. You can learn ceramics and wheels professionally from the best teachers in town. It offers beginner and advanced courses, one-time workshops, subscriptions and self-employment cards 

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Art and music



Thanks to its modularity, Hovot Halevavot is a perfect place for offsites, conferences, management meetings, seminars, thinking days outside the office and any matter that requires a pleasant and well-designed place to spend quality time in. In addition, it is possible to rent the space or part of it for filming days and creative productions

The alternative space of  Hovot Halevavot

hosts artistic content and gives a stage to artists, musicians and creators.  

It treasures a wide variety of meetings, events, performances and rotating exhibitions. The space is available and open to special ideas.
Do you have one? It is entirely possible


Wheel course


10 sessions (once a week)

3 hours meeting

Morning / noon / evening

Including clay, house glazes, storage and burning

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Hovot Halevavot is a home for development and formation.
It allows you to fly high, while being attached to the roots and soil in which it grows.

It likes to run wild with imagination, but enjoys doing it in context.

It needs inspiration from the people in it, and at the same time gives it to them.
It absorbs in its walls everyone who enters it, and brings together senses and passions.

It is a place that connects edges.

Hovot Halevavot looks forward to fulfilling your duty of the heart.

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הרשמה לניוז
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Hovot Halevavot 5, Tel Aviv

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