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Bridal Preparation Day


Hovot Halevavot can be booked for your bridal wedding preparation session, and the most beautiful and romantic location for your dream wedding photoshoot!


You can start your big day at Hovot Halevavot, which is the perfect location for a bride to prepare for her big day! Start your wedding day with your best friends, and enjoy a luxurious breakfast and chilled champagne as you relax, get your hair and make-up done, get dressed and have your wedding photos taken before the big event.


We offer a calm and beautiful oasis in the heart of Tel Aviv!

With an abundance of thoughtfully designed spots for your photoshoot, a large bathtub for you to indulge and relax before the adrenaline kicks in, and pampering bathrobes - we have prepared everything that is needed for you to feel comfortable as you prepare for your main event.


Your day will begin at 9:30 and will go on until 16:30, and you can be accompanied by 4 friends, as well as the groom and 2 of his escorts.


We offer:

A pampering light filled preparation space,

a luxurious breakfast for you and your guests,

chilled champagne and white wine, a large full body mirror, fun music, a robe you can keep as a gift, comfortable slippers, hair and makeup location, a dreamy warm bath, a charming back garden at your disposal, the most beautiful location for your photoshoot, and a few small surprises from Hovot Halevavot :)  

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