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 Ceramics Studio at Hovot Halevavot

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Hovot Halevavot is a home for learning ceramics.

We welcome all students at Hovot Halevavot - our teachers can offer guidance in English as well!


Our ceramics studio is a bright and well-equipped studio that allows you to explore and learn. Our teachers are chosen with care and have a passion for teaching.

We offer a variety of course options for different levels on the wheel and hand building. We believe in providing you with a wide variety of clays, glazes and tools so that you can explore and learn how to work with many kinds of materials.


Our studio is also open to independent work with a subscription membership or by appointment.


We also offer a two-hour "date night" workshop in hand building for learning simple techniques and creating fun objects. The workshop is a great birthday present, bachelorette party concept or a fun work outing.

Hand Building


The Ceramics Basics course is an introduction to hand building. You will learn to understand the stages of working with different materials and various construction techniques: pinching, coiling and slab building through demonstrations and exercises. You will get acquainted with the basic concepts, the nature and properties of the ceramic material and while creating, gaining personal experience, painting and using glazes. No previous experience required.

Pottery Wheel


A course that introduces the world of pottery through the wheel with demonstrations and personal guidance. Participants will experience kneading, centering, cylinder construction, making bowls, second side and color therapy. During the course we will deepen our acquaintance with the material, become acquainted with the methods of decoration and color and we will examine the connection between the ceramic body and its surface. Designed for participants with no previous experience and those with basic experience in wheel work.

Meet our teachers!

We carefully selected each of our studio teachers and each teacher has his or her own particular world and style. 
We recommend trying our range of courses with each of our teachers.

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​Bina is an independent potter who specializes in the theory of working on stones. In her work, Bina asks functional and aesthetic questions while constantly trying to push the formal boundaries of the medium.  For the past two years, Bina has been educating, teaching and accompanying people from the community on their ceramic path.


Gal Kuplik

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Gal is a graduate of the Department of Industrial Design at Bezalel.

"I design and create useful and sculptural ceramics in the technique of casting, my works combine material with a digital medium in which I explore movement, freedom and boundaries.
With this view I teach the most basic basics in working with the material - in hand building and wheel work, and allow freedom to experiment and create in person in the various techniques we will learn "


Ziv Ganel

Ziv is a graduate of the Department of Ceramic and Glass Design at Bezalel.
"When I first saw the wet work with the material on the wheel - I fell in love with the mud. There is something mesmerizing about this movement, and devotion to it. In my studio I like to combine different techniques and materials, and explore the chemistry behind ceramics. I teach pottery and sculpture in short demonstrations and free practice. Trying to expose the students to the wide range of expression of the clay, and from the search to find together the personal connection of each student to the ceramic world. "

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