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Valentine's dinner menu in the duties of the hearts X Daniel Yitzhakov




Herb focaccia  and handmade olive oil 


A plate of black garlic tahini dips, burnt chalpinio,

Tomato salsa, white bean spread


center table

A salad of pickled raw fennel, Tassos olives, celery leaves with fennel leaves and pomelo


White salmon sashimi from the port in the morning, pistachio oil, fresh horseradish and candied pecans

Leaf salad, mizuna, mustard, arugula, Georgian cheese, hazelnuts and blood orange vinaigrette


Charred winter mushrooms in carob honey and thyme in beef stock on shiitake cream and parmesan


Personal firsts

 Burned leek, Turkish spinach cream, yogurt stone and salty crumble


Sheitel tartar, moss aioli, oregano, capers, chives, dill and Parmesan twill

Cabbage stuffed with sweet challah  roasted with tomato seed butter and thyme

On tomato and cinnamon sour cream perfume 


Main points 


 A tender sea bass cooked in salt in the oven, placed on a yellow cherry gazpacho,

Green leaves and crispy shallots


Untrib ragu stew cooked overnight in the oven with Uzbek apricot,

White Persian lemon, Jerusalem artichoke placed on a mashed potato



Double dessert of pavlova heart with lemon cream and raspberry jam and hazelnut crumble


Strawberries in mascarpone cream with reduced wine sauce


A glass of sparkling champagne with raspberry 

*The price does not include service

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